Google Docs Ultimate Guide

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Google Docs Ultimate Guide

Go from Beginner to Advanced with Google Docs



Do you want to harness the power of Google Docs but don’t know where to begin? Are you eager to create remarkable documents and bring your ideas to life? If so, the “Google Docs 2021 Ultimate Course” is tailor-made for you!

I’m Josh Werner, your dedicated instructor, and I’m here to lead you through this transformative journey. In the digital landscape of 2021, proficiency in Google Docs is an invaluable skill.

This course starts from the ground up, ensuring that you grasp the fundamentals before progressing to more advanced topics. Together, we will explore every facet of Google Docs, empowering you to use it like a seasoned pro.

Whether you’re a student embarking on your learning journey or a professional seeking to enhance your Google Docs skills, this course has something for everyone.

No prerequisites are needed to enroll in this course—just bring your enthusiasm for learning and a willingness to explore the boundless possibilities of Google Docs.

Feel free to peruse the course description and check out the preview videos to get a glimpse of what’s in store.

Here’s a glimpse of what you will learn:

Course Highlights:

  • Introduction: Get an overview of the course structure and its objectives.
  • Setting Up a Gmail Account: Learn how to set up a Gmail account if you don’t already have one.
  • Main Menu: Explore the Google Docs main menu, including Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Settings, Help & Feedback, and Drive.
  • Template Gallery: Dive into Google Docs’ extensive template gallery, covering a wide range of document types.
  • Project: Understand how to create and manage projects in Google Docs.
  • Google Drive: Learn the ins and outs of managing files with Google Drive.
  • Account: Manage your Google account settings, including personal info, security, and more.
  • Google Apps: Discover various Google apps beyond Google Docs, such as Gmail, Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and more.
  • Conclusion: Summarize your learning journey and gain a profound understanding of Google Docs.

Who Is This Course For:

  • Beginners: If you’re new to Google Docs, this course is your ideal starting point.
  • Advanced Users: Even experienced users can benefit from advanced features and techniques.
  • Students: Enhance your document creation skills for academic excellence.
  • Professionals: Boost your productivity by mastering Google Docs for work.

Join me in this exciting expedition into the world of Google Docs. Enroll now, and let’s embark on the path to Google Docs mastery with the “Google Docs 2021 Ultimate Course”!


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What Will You Learn?

  • Setup Gmail Account
  • Main Menu
  • Google Docs
  • Interface

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