Learn Machine learning & AI (Including Hands-on 3 Projects)

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Learn Machine learning & AI (Including Hands-on 3 Projects)

Get well versed with Machine learning and AI by working on Hands-on Projects


Are you feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of AI and machine learning study materials? Do you want to gain practical experience in these fields? Look no further! This course on Machine Learning & AI Hands-on Projects will kickstart your journey into implementing fascinating projects from scratch.

Let’s delve into the projects:

  1. Object Identification Web Application: Learn to deploy a simple machine learning application for object identification.
  2. Dog Breed Prediction: Build and optimize a model capable of predicting dog breeds among 120 different breeds. This project utilizes deep learning libraries.
  3. Credit Card Fraud Detection: Explore one of the most crucial applications in the finance industry, from development to deployment.

Each of these hands-on projects will provide you with practical insights and skills to thrive in the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Your instructor for this course is a seasoned professional with expertise in languages like C, C++, Python, Java, Scala, and Big Data technologies. They have delivered training sessions at prominent organizations like GE, IBM, JP Morgan, Cisco, and many others. With their guidance, you’ll gain a holistic understanding of machine learning and AI.

Why Pursue a Career in Machine Learning:

  1. Future-Proof Skill: Machine learning is in high demand, and there is a shortage of skilled professionals. Acquiring expertise in machine learning ensures a secure career in a rapidly evolving technology.
  2. Tackle Real Challenges: Machine learning engineers work on real-life challenges that have a significant impact on businesses and individuals. Solving such problems can be highly satisfying.
  3. Continuous Learning: Being an early entrant into the field allows you to witness trends firsthand and continuously enhance your skills, increasing your value in the job market.
  4. Exponential Growth: As the technology matures, your experience and expertise will enable you to follow an upward career trajectory.
  5. Lucrative Career: Machine learning engineers enjoy attractive salaries, making it a lucrative career choice.
  6. Diversified Career Options: Machine learning skills can also open doors to a career in data science, expanding your career options.

Machine learning is happening now, and this course offers you an early advantage to explore solutions and technologies supporting it. By honing your skills in this high-demand field, you’ll position yourself for a career that’s always on the rise.

Practical Learning: Project-based learning is one of the most effective ways to grasp complex concepts and gain practical experience. It fosters collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and time management skills. This course provides you with the opportunity to work on real-world projects and elevate your machine learning and AI expertise.

Don’t miss this chance to understand machine learning at a deeper level and expand your skill set to become a successful machine learning engineer. Enroll now and embark on a journey of hands-on learning!

Who Should Take This Course:

  • Python developers aspiring to enter the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Machine learning enthusiasts seeking hands-on projects for practical learning.
  • Python and machine learning developers looking to work on projects related to artificial intelligence (AI).

Instructor: EdYoda Digital University

Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a proficient machine learning and AI practitioner. Happy learning!


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What Will You Learn?

  • Machine Learning and its applications
  • Building End to End Machine Learning Projects
  • Deployment of Machine & Deep learning algorithms

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