Starting with Apache Wicket (version 9.x+)

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Starting with Apache Wicket (version 9.x+)

Get started with Apache Wicket in 2023 with forms, components, MongoDB, GridFS and backed by SpringBoot



Welcome to the ‘Starting with Apache Wicket’ course, where you’ll embark on a journey to enhance your Java and Apache Wicket 9+ (with Spring Boot) skills. This course is designed to introduce you to various techniques for solving specific areas of Java web application development, making you proficient in this domain.

We’ll delve into several topics that are valuable not only in corporate Java development but also in other contexts. While Spring Boot serves as our underlying framework, the solutions presented here are platform-agnostic and can be applied with other frameworks like Quarkus, among others.

The primary goal of this course is to facilitate the learning process for new or existing Apache Wicket developers. The solutions presented have been used in production-grade Wicket applications for years, leveraging libraries known for their stability and active development. By enrolling in this course, you’ll be investing in knowledge that can significantly enhance your development skills.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Set up a basic Apache Wicket project
  • Manage Apache Wicket + Spring Boot integration
  • Explore fundamental Apache Wicket concepts
  • Develop a basic Todo App using Apache Wicket
  • Connect to a database using Spring Data integration (MongoDB)
  • Utilize Apache Wicket components
  • Integrate HTML/CSS templates with Apache Wicket-related tag attributes
  • Understand the principles of designing applications with Apache Wicket as the foundation

Topics Covered: Throughout this course, we will create a comprehensive Apache Wicket single-page application. Each lecture will introduce a new enhancement to the application, resulting in a feature-rich, single application with various functionalities. The main topics covered include:

  • Building a full-featured single-page application using Apache Wicket
  • Exporting application data in MS Excel format with formatting and additional features
  • Exporting application data in PDF format with formatting, embedded images, or barcodes
  • Integrating MongoDB as the persistent data storage
  • Using GridFS for attachment and file uploads data storage (PREPARING)

GitHub Repository: Access the source code via the link provided in the last lecture of this course. Clone the repository and utilize the code snippets developed throughout the course.

Summary: The ‘Starting with Apache Wicket’ course is designed for individual learners or small/medium teams of professional Java developers seeking productivity and competitiveness in a dynamic market. The techniques taught here are versatile and can be seamlessly applied to various application development scenarios.

Who This Course Is For:

  • Individual learners or small/medium teams of professional Java developers
  • Those looking to quickly create and maintain applications with ease using Apache Wicket

Instructor: David Marko – Developer/Architect


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What Will You Learn?

  • How to make a basic Apache Wicket project setup
  • Manage Apache Wicket + Spring Boot integration
  • Explore Apache Wicket basic concepts
  • Develop a basic Todo App using Wicket
  • Connecting to the database using Spring Data integration (MongoDB)
  • Using Apache Wicket components
  • Use HTML/CSS templates together with Apache Wicket related tag attributes
  • Understand how to design applications with Apache Wicket in the background

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