Starting with Hilla (from Vaadin)

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Starting with Hilla (from Vaadin)

Learn using Hilla (from Vaadin) web framework for building a full-stack web applications

Welcome to the ‘Starting with Hilla from Vaadin’ course, where you’ll expand your existing Java and Spring Boot knowledge by diving into the Hilla web framework. By embracing Hilla, you’ll be equipped to build full-stack web applications within a single project structure using renowned technologies such as Java, TypeScript, Spring Boot, and Node.js.

This course covers a range of topics that are valuable not only in corporate Java development but also in other contexts. Hilla, built on top of Spring Boot, seamlessly integrates a Java backend with a reactive TypeScript frontend. It accelerates app development with type-safe server communication, UI components, and integrated tooling.

The core objective of this course is to empower Java developers, especially those familiar with Spring Boot, to adopt the Hilla web framework and transition from conventional backend development to full-stack development. Hilla simplifies this transition, allowing you to leverage your existing Spring Boot expertise.

If you’re accustomed to working with Angular or React alongside a Spring Boot backend, this course offers a taste of the tighter integration that Hilla offers, making it an excellent choice to utilize your Spring Boot skills on a broader scale.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Create a new Hilla application from scratch
  • Understand how Hilla connects frontend and backend components
  • Work with Hilla backend endpoints
  • Develop a comprehensive application in Hilla
  • Implement @Push technology support in a real application
  • Generate MS Excel files from dynamic data and serve them from a Hilla app
  • Add MongoDB as the backend database platform for Hilla

Topics Covered: Throughout the course, we will construct a basic Hilla single-page application. Each lecture will introduce a new enhancement, resulting in a fully-featured application. The main topics covered include:

  • Understanding the Hilla project structure
  • Step-by-step creation of a single-page Hilla application
  • Utilizing MongoDB as the persistent data storage
  • Leveraging server Push technology for collaboration
  • Exporting application data in MS Excel format

GitHub Repository: Access the source code via the link provided in the last lecture of this course. Clone the repository and utilize the code snippets developed throughout the course.

Who Is This Course For: The ‘Starting with Hilla (from Vaadin)’ course is designed for individual learners or small/medium teams of professional Java developers seeking productivity and competitiveness in the market. You’ll discover how Hilla and Vaadin eliminate the artificial division between frontend and backend developers, streamlining communication and collaboration.

Instructor: David Marko – Developer/Architect


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What Will You Learn?

  • Create a new Hilla application from scratch
  • Understand how Hilla frontend and backend are connected together
  • Working with Hilla backend endpoints
  • Create a simple but complete application in Hilla
  • Implement a simple @Push technology support in a real application
  • Create MS Excel file from dynamic data and serve it from Hilla app
  • How to add MongoDB as Hilla backend database platform

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